New York City Crawfish Boil

One of the best parts of living in an Urban Environment is the breadth of culinary creations that surrounds you. We love sampling what our neighborhood artisans have come up with. However, it’s not just the quality of the cuisine that makes a dining experience enjoyable, it’s also the ambiance. While New York has some of the top restaurants and best hidden gems, the fast paced life-style can lead to crowds of people anxiously waiting in line, hurried to their seats, and rushed out the door. It is a small price to pay for amazing meals.

On a summer trip to New Orleans, we saw how they do things elsewhere, and experienced a classic crawfish boil for the first time. The situation was simple yet perfect - sitting outdoors with family and friends, drinking cold beer, eating fresh boiled shellfish - while soulful music passes the time. The quality of food and drink were top notch and the atmosphere was relaxed, which allowed us to enjoy our company and the day - the quintessential summer activity.

We searched for months for a similar experience in New York, but due to the city's DNA, it was difficult to find. There are certain spots in Brooklyn with the right mentality, but the focus is on the drinks and once the summer months are gone, they close up shop. The only way to get the experience we desire is to do it ourselves and this is exactly what we are doing this March in NYC. We are bringing a classic crawfish boil to NYC and mixing it with New York culture to create a unique one day event that incorporates the best of both worlds. The exact date and venue have been narrowed down to a select few, any of which will provide the perfect setting. In the next week we will have the details, so click the 'I want an invite' button and send us an email letting us know you want more info and we will give you a shout out.

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