Simply Pickled

While walking the rows of the farmer’s market in Union Square, inspiration hit. People's gourmet pickling skills are unreal (we know, we tried a ton there), but why not create fully functional pickled options. After reading and consulting pickle pros for weeks, an endless trial and error process ensued. We pickled everything from cucumbers to grapes.

When we thought we finally had something great, we invited friends over for drinks and to test our new creation. We served them all bloody mary's while they waited. As our friends ranted about the bloody mary's they noticed we weren't bring out any pickled goodies for them to try. One of our friends spoke up and said, 'didn't you want us to try some of your new pickled products?' We told him that they were (the fully loaded bloody mary garnishings were our first product)and that we were excited about their reaction to it and wanted to get started on making an entire line. From there we developed what we think are four more incredible ready to use pickled items. If you have any ideas or tips for other pickled items, please lets us know. We would love to hear what you think.

Pickled is just one of the many examples of what urban pioneers are producing. If you have an idea that you want us to pioneer or want to collaborate with us on, email us at

All money earned from Pickled, will be immediately reinvested into future nogzville pioneering efforts.