If you live in a city like us, money is tight and you don't have a car to get where you're going. So most nights out begin with a few drinks at a friend's pad before heading out to your next destination on the bus, train, ferry or cab. For us, it’s a few hours at an apartment party followed by a trip to a housewarming party in Morningside Heights, an engagement party in Ft. Greene, or a concert on Governor’s Island. And as you know in these cases, there is always that buzz-kill period, when you are commuting from one spot to another.

To get over that, we've tried brown-bagging beers, pouring one last mixed drink into a solo-cup - we've even tried pulling straight from a fifth - none of which really did the trick for us. We needed an inconspicuous way to actually enjoy our between destination beverage without making a mess.

Finally, we started using flasks, but instead of drinking straight liquor, we'd make mixed drinks using water, booze and dry drink mixes (like Country Time Lemonade & Crystal Light). After doing it for a while, we perfected a few different mixes specifically made for vodka and whiskey, which we can't get enough of (we even drink them when we're not in transit now). We then conquered our final hurdle when we found resealable glass flasks. This made it so we didn't have to spend a fortune on a new flask if we lost it, but could reuse them if we managed to hold on to it.

We love these so much, we thought we had to make them available to everybody. So come try it out, bridge the gap between parties with a little swig of fun. All money earned from Train Juice will be immediately reinvested into future nogzville pioneering efforts. If you have an idea that you want us to pioneer or want to collaborate with us on, email us at