The Right Kinda T's

As part of living in NYC, you've got to look sharp. And any good wardrobe must have great t-shirts. Personally, we love them and own a ton. But as time went along, we started to feel that shirts were very limited in where and what you could buy. In our view, there was only four ways you could get a quality tee.

Urban Outfitters, a small boutique in SoHo, Online [Crowd Sourced/Hipster Independent], or Skateshops. Although these places do have some unique and cool stuff, they weren’t offering exactly what we wanted in particular. At Urban, you know you will run into somebody else with the same shirt. At a small boutique you get a great product, but it's just too expensive. Online, you end up having shirts with a ton of design and ink, which for us is always too much going on. And at Skate Shops you tend to always run into the same look, which is cool, but repetitive to us (we could only buy so many shirts with block font and crowns of some sort).

So rather than giving in and continuing to wear shirts that were just the other side of perfect for us, we decided that we would make our own. And without any knowledge of t-shirt design (although we are graphic designers) or silk printing, we set out to make the perfect shirt for ourselves. The next few months that followed gave us insight into the endless possibilities that exist in our urban environment with a little persistence and ingenuity. Look around you, you'll see images that inspire you. Read up on-line and you can hone your design skills. Snoop around and you can find cheap shirts. Talk to the right people and you can learn how to screen print, even in your kitchen. Stop in enough stores, you can find a killer deal on screens and ink. After many attempts and paths traveled, we came out with designs that we felt not only matched what we wanted but also followed in the spirit of nogzville and urban pioneering.

So check out an example of what urban pioneering can produce. Buy a shirt if it speaks to you, don’t if it doesn’t. All money earned from the shirts, will be immediately reinvested into future nogzville pioneering efforts. And if you have an idea that you want us to pioneer or want to collaborate with us on, email us at